Breastfeeding & Skincare – What’s the lowdown?

I’ve been in a constant battle with skincare since I found out I was pregnant. In a nutshell, during the first trimester my skin went totally hormonal, breakouts, dryness, the lot (full review/experiences and products here). I have ‘normal’ slightly sensitive, slightly combination skin but overall (touch-wood) I’ve been pretty happy with it. That’s probably down to good genes but also the rigorous skincare routines I’ve been dedicated to for the last few years, particularly since studying skincare and becoming a qualified facialist.

Fast forward to the second trimester and my skin was all about the dryness. The harsh Dubai sunshine (we’re talking 50 degrees here) didn’t do me any favours. This was when I went to my own facialist here in Dubai and was recommended a couple of products to take me back to basics. Hello Special Cleansing Gel & Skin Smoothing Cream (full review here). I’ve been so pleased with these two products, my third trimester skin wise was pretty much a breeze, my skin’s been well behaved ever since 🙂

Through-out pregnancy I was concerned about what to use on my skin not only because everything happening to my skin was totally new, but also, and more importantly, is it safe for an unborn baby? That might sound silly, but some products I have are super concentrated and are aimed at thoroughly penetrating deep down in to the skin. Anything that penetrates so far could have a chance of entering the blood-stream and hence travelling to the baby. Don’t quote me on this, this is all down to things I’ve heard and research I’ve done myself but I’ve found that despite the number of people and endless research done, it’s all a matter of opinion and how comfortable you feel. For me, I put away my super concentrated serums and acid toners just for peace of mind.

Fast forward to when the baby’s born and there’s new paranoia! (Is it paranoia or sense?). Breastfeeding. Now we’re not only talking about ingredients potentially entering the bloodstream, but of course direct entrance from what the mother eats/drinks. I was looking forward to opening my stash of skincare products after Baby A was born but now I have a whole other set of questions popping around in my head. What made sense was to go back to Dermalogica. I’ve been so happy for the last 6 months or so with their products, I wanted to continue using them and explore the range.

Recently I’ve been trying out Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster and the Skin Hydrating Masque. As my skin has been more towards the dry side (versus oily), it was important for me to prevent dehydration as much as possible and help the skin barrier to be reconstructed. Any ingredients that were contraindicated whilst I was pregnant are still a risk. This would include any chemical exfoliants, string chemicals, peels, active acids (for example, this would be lactic acid, salicylic acid etc) essential oils and retinol. For that reason I still haven’t touched the Daily Microfoliant, as it contains salycilic acid, although arguably with low levels.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque and Booster

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque and Booster

Products with Hyaluronic acid are key, and both the Skin Hydrating Masque and the Hydrating Booster contain it which is why I love these products. I use the masque once a week but use the booster daily and my skin is thanking me for it. Not only does it provide the skin with a huge dose of hydration, it gives me a bit of ‘me’ time. When you’re busy with a 10 week old baby 24/7, ‘me’ time is always appreciated! The Booster is just as great, it’s highly concentrated to relieve dehydration and relieve fine lines (for me it’s still prevention at this stage). To apply, I mix it in with my Skin Smoothing Cream and use once daily as part of my morning skin care routine, I find just a couple of drops is enough but if I’m feeling like I need a little extra (quite often around my mouth or forehead), I’ll take a couple of drops and apply this directly to my face before after cleansing and before moisturising. It absorbs in to the skin within seconds, literally and dryness visibly disappears in the same speed.

I’m so happy with my current morning routine that I’ve ordered a new jumbo size cleansing gel and a new Skin Smoothing Cream! My skin now during breastfeeding is normal, I haven’t had a breakout in months, in fact probably since first trimester which is nice as I would usually have at least one hormonal breakout a month. (Check out my time of the month skincare routine here where I talk about breakouts, periods, the lot).

Have you checked out any of these products? What are your thoughts on breastfeeding and skincare? Whilst there is a lot of debate to be had, I feel it’s best to take the safest option especially if you have any doubts whatsoever and there’s a little one involved 🙂

Love, Anisha xox


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