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Who can resist a cheeky Body Shop haul every now and then! This weekend was no surprise. I’ve heard a lot about The Body Shop’s new Drops of Youth collection and was keen to try them out in store. The Drops of Youth collection is a certified organic range that promises to keep skin youthful, soft, replenished and feeling good. The range contains a serum, eye concentrate, Wonderblur – a primer, and of course, the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, the product that has quickly stood out amongst many. I tried out all the products in store and although I was definitely most intrigued by the sleeping mask, when in store it didn’t really tickle my fancy. I ended up actually buying the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate (I think I’m actually going through 6 eye creams now!)

What I like most about the Eye Concentrate is the packaging, the roller ball application, WOW. It’s so fun, cooling and caring at the same time. I really enjoy my Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector because of the cooling metal tip and the Body Shop’s Eye Concentrate looks very similar but with a rollerball which is great as with the Clinique product, the cooling effect to place the product round your eyes is lovely, but then you need the warmth of your fingers to help the product absorb. The rollerball looks like you can apply the product using the rollerball itself and therefore keeping the cooling effect. Lovely.

That brings me on to my next purchase, an Eye Mask. Not from the Drops of Youth range, but part of the permanent collection at The Body Shop. At the time I though, ok I have the rollerball, why not go all out and follow up with an eye mask, knowing that the gel eye mask is suitable to keep in the fridge and there you go, a double cooling treatment. Can not wait to use these 2 together.

the body shop haul

Body Shop Haul

My final purchase was the Vitamin C Skin Boost. In my opinion, it’s a luxury primer for the skin that not only creates a base for make up, but actually has skin care properties. Not something that other make up brands can claim for a primer. Now if I’m honest, what drew me to this product the most was the scent. Oops. It’s orange scented! I love the smell of oranges and totally fell for this product. As well as smelling delicious, the Skin Boost contains a high concentrate of Vitamin C (known for its brightening and collagen boosting properties) and Vitamin E to protect against environmental damage. It’s best used after you’ve finished with your skin care routine and before make up. Being silicone based, it provides a smooth soft finish to the skin ideal for a perfect base before foundation. Not something that I’d wear every day, but for me, more of a treat and fancy product.

After buying the eye concentrate, mask and the Skin Boost I scored myself a couple of freebies from the 2014 Christmas range. A Glazed Apple shower gel and body butter. Not something that I think smells great (think sour apples) but one my hubby loves.

What have you recently picked up from The Body Shop?

Anisha x


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