Another Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Haul

Yep, I’ve done it again, another Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Haul! Every time I’m back in London I just can’t help myself. If you checked out my last Charlotte Tilbury Haul (here) you’ll see I picked up Light Wonder foundation in the shade Medium 08, the Air-Brush Flawless Finish Skin-Perfecting Micro-Powder in Medium and of course, the Filmstar Rock and Glow in the original pan. Previously I’d also owned Lost Cherry from Charlotte’s Matte Revolution lipstick range which quickly became my all time favourite lipstick. You’d think it would be easy to find a summer-perfect pink coral but nothing comes close to Lost Cherry.

Charlotte releases so many products through out the year, I feel like I’m always needing to catch up! This time around I purchased some more make up from Selfridges in Oxford Street, London.

Last time I picked up the original Filmstar Bronze & Glow which I mentioned wasn’t perfect for my skin tone, but I still bought it anyway, mainly for the highlighter and the packaging (I’m a sucker for rose gold). This time, as stupid as it may sound to some! I purchased the new version of Filmstar Bronze and Glow for medium-dark skin tones. What’s most noticeable is the highlighter change. Instead of a sparkly golden glow in the original, the new highlighter is definitely a lot darker, and in my opinion, more of a burnt golden orange. To be honest, I don’t think this shade is perfect for my skin tone either, it’s way too dark and probably suits those on the darker end than medium. However, it’s still a gorgeous colour but one I’d probably use more as a blusher.

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Haul

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Haul

I’ve not tried any eyeshadows from CT and have watched a lot of tutorials about the Luxury Palette in Golden Goddess. I swatched the colours in store and they feel and look beautiful. Charlotte has her own application ritual to match the layout and the shades in each palette, prime the eyes, enhance, smoke and pop. This palette is one of those palettes that is probably going to take me ages to use just because of how beautiful it is. *swoon*.

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

Again on the eyeshadow front, I picked up a Colour Chameleon eyeshadow stick in the shade Amber Haze. I thought it compliments the Golden Goddess palette quite well, it’s also specially formulated to compliment brown eyes. I love how each Charlotte makes it to shop based on your own natural features. Amber Haze is a sparkly brown/golden colour which I can’t wait to try. I’m hoping it will work as both an eyeshadow and a primer, I’ve found that recently I’ve been using and needing a good eyeshadow primer underneath my eyeshadow to keep the colour lasting all day so I’m keen to see how the Colour Chameleon compares to a primer too.

What’s on your Charlotte Tilbury wishlist? I’d love to hear your wishes and favourites!

Love, Anisha xox


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