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I’m so excited to be writing this post and announcing the birth of my first child, my precious newborn baby boy! Let’s call him Baby ‘A’ for the purpose of this blog. After 9 (somewhat long) months we finally got to meet our son. For so long we were thinking about what he would look like, who he would take after, how he would sound, pretty much everything. Now the time is here we’re learning more about him every day as he develops his personality.

Baby A was born by caesarean section, a major operation with added recovery time versus natural births, an estimated 6 weeks. (I’ll be writing a full post on my caesarean recovery soon). Let’s just say stitches, bandages and injections galore, not to mention healing the scar. Testing times for sure but all worth it when you look at the cute little person that’s been born as a result. A mini me and a mini hubs, it’s amazing.

I can’t wait to share more updates with you as I experience motherhood. There’s already so much I’d love to share about breast feeding, formula, nappies, clothes and a whole load of products and equipment.

My little prince x

My little prince x

Thank you all for the love! We are so thrilled & can’t stop smiling and staring at our gorgeous baby boy.

Lots of love, Anisha & Baby A xox



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