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You may remember my recent Clinique haul a few weeks back (catch up here!) a collection of SPFs, Eye Cream and a couple of freebies. In fact, the All About Eyes was a sample size freebie that came along as a gift with purchase. A cute, tiny tub small enough to get lost on the dresser (certainly does amongst all my lotion and potions) However, this is not one to be forgotten. I absolutely love this eye cream. It is a lotion like consistency, light, thin and so easily absorbed. Initially, with the tub being so small and me not being one that particularly likes dabbing my fingers in tubs (makes me squeal) it was difficult. After seeing how thin and almost runny the consistency is, I now slant the tub slightly with one hand and let the product slide on to my fingers. So much more hygienic and certainly not so runny enough to spill everywhere.

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

The consistency has also brought a change in how I apply my eye cream. I would usually dab the product in a diamond shape around my eyes, a dab at the top near my brows, under my eyes on the orbital bone and any remainders on the corners and then go round and dab the product all the way around my eyes gently. Now, as this cream is so easy to glide, I just apply one tab on the top and bottom of my eyes and enjoy a simple, no more than 30 second gentle lymph drainage around my eyes every morning with this cream. The lymph drainage nodules are between the ends of your eyes and between your hairline as well as in between the inner corners of your eyes and nose, so either direction is fine to massage. Typically this sort of drainage requires product with a good slip, oils are generally perfect but I find the All About Eyes really easy to use for this purpose as it doesn’t drag the skin.


Although only a small amount is needed, I do use the cream daily in the mornings and am almost out! I was only meant to be testing this freebie before using the Clarin’s Dark Circle Eye Cream which was actually part of my main purchase! Oops 🙂



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