After being fascinated by beauty and biology in my younger years, I decided to take this love one step further and bring my passion to life by privately qualifying as a Beauty Therapist and Masseuse in London during 2012.

AD Beauty Blog is a platform for me to express my interests online to share with the world. More recently, I had my first child in 2016, the blog is also a diary of updates & mummy tips for expectant mums and new mums, or those that just fancy having a read. Along the way, hubby and I have been fortunate enough to travel so much of the world as well as so many fascinating places right here in Dubai and back home in the UK, so you’ll also be reading about our travels and love for food along the way too.

Feel free to get in touch, reach out to me on social media @AnishaDBeauty, or, email me at

Love, Anisha XoXo


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