A Day At The Green Planet With The Family

Exploring the rainforest at The Green Planet – Dubai

It’s a job in itself to find something to entertain the kids with each weekend, let alone the holidays! The Green Planet is a perfect solution for inquisitive babies, the kiddies or just an excuse for us adults to see something new. Let’s not forget, it’s all indoor too, so ideal for those scorching Summer days when going to the Mall just doesn’t cut it week after week.

The Green Planet in Citywalk Dubai has branded itself as the indoor tropical rainforest. Opened in September 2016 after years in the making, The Green Planet is 4 stories of indoor rainforest home to almost 3,000 different specicies of animals and plants. There’s spiders, butterflies, snakes, sloths and an array of exotic birds flying around. (Not dangerously, it’s pretty clever when you’re inside to admire how the forest has been structured, where the animals stay, or call their home in the forest, where they feed and their own areas in the building.

The Green Planet - Birds

4 storeys of flora and fauna

It’s truly admirable to think how well the Green Planet has been constructed, how all the behaviours of each animal has been considered as well as the temperatures, food, etc.

The levels can be explored via a walkway surrounding a giant tree in the middle of the rainforest. Right at the very top of the tree is the area that undoubtedly receives the most sunlight (the building is all glassed). Descending, the next area is “The Midstory”, followed by the “Forest Floor”, the storey that receives the least light and therefore the darkest, most humid. This is then followed by the “Flooded Rainforest” – home to so many more species. When you walk in to the ground floor (before taking the lift up to the spiral walkway around the tree) you’re able to view different fishes and stingrays with a giant waterfall above you.

The Green Planet Dubai - Waterfall

The prices for the park are AED95 for adults and AED70 for kids 2-12. Please don’t forget that if you have the Entertainer book or app with HSBC, you’re entitled to a buy one get one free offer, which is great value. We finished the whole rainforest in less than 2 hours, whilst it was absolutely fascinating, it didn’t take up as much time as I’d thought it would, so I wouldn’t plan a whole day out but would certainly make it a part of your day to go and visit.


The staff were absolutely wonderful, there was someone on hand at nearly all new areas in the rainforest on every floor, and several staff around to guide and help you around or take pictures with us in our case!

The Green Planet Dubai - Giant Tree

I’d whole heartedly recommend The Green Planet but would also remind you of the HSBC offer whilst it’s available, and make sure you have a plan for the rest of the day J There’s a coffee shop right beside the building so you’re free to stop off beforehand or after for snacks or whilst you’re waiting for your group pictures which are also taken of you as you enter the rainforest.

We saw some beautiful animals, learnt a lot about them and had fun taking snaps and showing my little one around. What a great concept, only in Dubai would you find an indoor rainforest with so many exotic animals!! Nice tick off the list.

Love, Anisha xox


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