9 Month Baby Update

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My Baby Boy is 9 Month’s Old!

Ok, we’ve just passed the third quarter of baby’s first year, eek! How scary is that?! I’m starting to prepare myself and get used to the fact that baby is no longer a baby, (OK, he’s still kind of a baby of course!) but more of a little boy and little person with likes and dislikes. I’ve loved learning more about him and watching his personality blossom over the last quarter particularly.

Month 9 has seen more huge leaps. Crawling is in full flow, anywhere you put him he’s off in great speed. He knows how to balance, sit down, roll over, climb over obstacles (cushions, pillows etc) to get to where he wants to. He loves his toys, well pretty much anything that he can grab on to, turn around, stare at. Things that he can shake that make a sound are his favourite, whatever it is! He does get very distracted, so if he’s playing with a toy and I pick something else up, woooosh, his toy drops to the floor and he speeds over to where my attention is, dropping things in an instant for something else potentially more fun. At the same time, try taking his toys away when he’s busy examining and you’re in for a scream.

Feeding & Weaning Month 4:

4 months of solid food, wow that went quick! We’re still on 3 meals a day. We haven’t experimented TOO much, probably me being cautious still with textures mixed with baby liking what he’s used to and having a bit of a fuss when something is completely new. In the morning we’re still feeding baby cereal mixed with breastmilk (expressed), fruit for lunch mixed with baby rusk or baby rice (sometimes), followed by milk and then followed by veggies for dinner, before milk and bed again. The boy LOVES his food, particularly his veggies these days and less of the fruit now. I still use my Philips Avent Steam & Blend twice a day for his lunch and dinner, it’s the best thing EVER. We’re also still taking finger foods out with us or offering him some snacks whilst we eat and he’s watching (so that he feels involved), or in the car, in the mall between feeds.

9 Month Baby Update


We’re continuing to co-sleep. Baby still wakes about 3-4 times for the breast, I’m not sure weather it’s for comfort or for a feed or just habit but we’re still waking up (Zzzz). Bed time is definitely around 8.30, and has been for a couple of months at least now which gives us all a bit of structure and routine. We start dimming the lights, closing doors and making baby A aware of what’s coming up, he’s learning that this means bed time and even helps to close doors!


Other big news, we have teeth!! 2 bottom front middle teeth! They’ve popped out and are probably half way out now. There has been biting on the boob and I’ve been saying “No” quite sternly and taking him off the breast, I think he’s learning but sometimes he smiles and it’s SO hard to not smile or cuddle him back. I really hope I can continue with the breastfeeding and the teeth don’t get too painful.

Baby A is also trying to talk a lot more. He’s started to say “Oooooooh” which is so cute. He knows when his food blender beeps or his milk warmer beeps that food is coming, so where ever we are in our villa, if he hears a beep it’s “oooooh, oooooh ooooooooh”! Clever boy. Something strange he also does is grunting! Seriously grunting?! One day he just woke up and started doing it himself, its so funny. Now we join in and it’s quite playful. If we grunt he will instantly grunt back, LOL. It’s probably not the best thing to teach a 9 month old but it is really funny. The other day we were standing in a queue in H&M and baby was grunting in his pram like a little monster, it’s fare to say we got a few stares!

Pointing, reaching for his mama, knowing when food is coming and making us aware if he likes something or doesn’t like something is in full force. He’s learning and absorbing new things ALL day, it’s fascinating.

Month 10 here we go!!

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Love, Anisha xox


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