8 Month Baby Update

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My Baby Boy is 8 Months Old!

Month 8 has been monumental in terms of Baby A’s skills. He’s learnt to stand up by balancing on firm objects near him (the cot, the sofa, me!) and has also learnt to crawl this month! At 7 months he was sticking his legs out of his play gym and generally being fussy when changing his nappy or wanting to play and overnight (it seems) he’s in full blown crawling mode! Leave him alone for just 2 seconds and he’s crawled to the end of the bed, we cant leave him alone for a second! I didn’t want to restrict him and just carry him around all day so I’ve also bought him a huge, thick play mat for him to master crawling. It’s great watching him crawl and then sit up, then fall over and sit up and crawl again, he’s got so much strength and determination its wonderful to watch him.

Feeding & Weaning Month 3:

Another month of breastfeeding in the bag! It has gotten a lot easier since we started weaning and the fact that Baby A loves his food. This month we’re continuing to try different flavors and textures. We’ve introduced finger foods for snacks and exploration purposes. I’ve heard they’re great for hand eye coordination as well as being fun to play with and taste new flavors. I take these out with us as a back up for when he’s in between feeds or I cant find somewhere to breastfeed him in public, luckily this has never been an issue yet but it’s always good to have just in case. I am still very cautious of these snacks, they are meant to melt in the mouth but sometimes the baby puts the whole thing in his mouth and it can be dangerous. The OCD in me also rockets sky high when his hands and clothes and buckles (and EVERYTHING in close proximity) gets so dirty, ugh. Imagine if we did Baby Led Weaning in full, this is already freaking me out! But he enjoys it, and its good for him so that keeps me going.


We’re continuing to co-sleep. Baby always wants to sleep around 8.30pm, so it is a little difficult to have time to ourselves as the baby rolls around and moves a lot, so it’s not safe to leave him totally alone. We’ve tried surrounding him in pillows but he’s too clever and now finds ways to roll over. Especially as he’s a light sleeper he easily wakes up and rolls around. In the morning he is guaranteed to wake up between 6 and 7 am. It works out quite nicely as we need to get up for work around 7.

8 Month Old Baby Update

Playtime and Toys:

We got rid of the mamaRoo this month, it’s just too ‘boring’ for my grown up 7 month old now! The Jumper  is a massive hit, he absolutely loves it and could play in there for a good half an hour before getting remotely bored. Most of the time we have it with the sound off, just because it can get crazy loud and mental with all the jumping and excitement (there’s a limit).

We’ve also bought some floor mats to help with early crawling and I’m looking around for a large playmat too. Our Bright Starts play gym is becoming a little outdated now. He’s loved this for months but is now starting to fold over the edges, explore underneath and stick his legs out of it (early stages of moving and crawling I assume!). It’s becoming too small for him. Baby still loves toys that light up and make sounds.


In other news, we have no teeth yet, but teething is definitely on in full force. Although I’ve heard a lot of other horror stories by others and I have to say, Baby A isn’t doing that bad comparatively. He’s drooling a lot and sticks everything in his mouth. Sometimes he is unhappy because of an obvious itch or ache. Recently he’s been having some hard stools too, but that may be down to the weaning test period.

We’re moving home this month too, so I’m hoping that doesn’t unsettle him too much. He knows every little corner of our apartment so I hope he explores the same in our new villa as well as loving the space to explore more and crawl around very soon!

Month 8 we’re ready x

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Love, Anisha xox


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