7 month baby update

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My Baby Boy is 7 months old!

7 months have whizzed past. I love reading these updates, looking at old photos and videos and seeing how far we’ve come. They say time goes too fast, its so true.

Baby A is getting really cheeky, I love it. Just like his cheeky daddy. He has clear likes and dislikes and will always show us in some way what he’s thinking or how he’s feeling, whether he’s hungry, tired or just wanting some ‘me’ time, which he does now and then. He’s a super inquisitive little boy, loves looking around and exploring, this month more than usual. Now that he’s on his second month of solid foods, he’s so interested in everything food! His or ours! He recognises his spoon and bowl and knows when we put him in his little chair that its time to eat.

Feeding & Weaning Month 2:

7 months of breastfeeding! Wahey *tap on the back*. I’m damn proud of that, it’s hard but so worth it. Weaning has made it a lot easier, especially as Baby A is now on 3 meals a day. Baby porridge – which is mixed with breastmilk, lunch and dinner with milk in between. We’re still on purees, fresh fruits and vegetables, although we’ve started to make them a little chunkier now and not blending them so smooth. We’ve moved to 7 month old baby porridge too, so new flavors and new textures. So far the only food that we’ve found he doesn’t enjoy is strawberry porridge (I know, who invented strawberry porridge, seriously?!), and mushrooms, a big no no. Other than that, this boy loves his food! Loves it! He eats everything else we’ve given him although I can see him enjoying sweeter foods and fruit a lot more, although he’s still a good boy and eats all his veggies everyday.


We’re still co-sleeping at night and evening routines have become a little bit more structured, although again, I’m saying “structured” in a relatively loose fashion. Baby usually becomes worn out by 8.30/9pm and thats when we dim all the lights and start to calm our voices, turn off any noise in the house and I’ll give him an evening feed which usually sends him to sleep for 3-4 hours. During the night he still wakes up at least 3 times and its usually for a feed.

During the first half of month 7 we continued to use the Sleepyhead Deluxe. Despite is being huge (compared to the Sleepyhead Grande), we actually have now stopped using it. Baby loves wriggling and moving around no, so the support he craved for before, is now having the opposite effect! When the Sleepyhead blocks him from turning on his side, or rolling on his belly, he wakes up and is not a happy boy. We decided to stop putting him to sleep in the Sleepyhead and now lay him in our bed and protect him with pillows and the duvet all the way around him, but with space so that he can still roll around a little. He moves a lot in his sleep, just like his mama.

Playtime and Toys:

We got rid of the mamaRoo this month, it’s just too ‘boring’ for my grown up 7 month old now! The Jumper  is a massive hit, he absolutely loves it and could play in there for a good half an hour before getting remotely bored. Most of the time we have it with the sound off, just because it can get crazy loud and mental with all the jumping and excitement (there’s a limit).

We’ve also bought some floor mats to help with early crawling and I’m looking around for a large playmat too. Our Bright Starts play gym is becoming a little outdated now. He’s loved this for months but is now starting to fold over the edges, explore underneath and stick his legs out of it (early stages of moving and crawling I assume!). It’s becoming too small for him. Baby still loves toys that light up and make sounds.


In other news, we have no teeth yet, but teething is definitely on in full force. Although I’ve heard a lot of other horror stories by others and I have to say, Baby A isn’t doing that bad comparatively. He’s drooling a lot and sticks everything in his mouth. Sometimes he is unhappy because of an obvious itch or ache. Recently he’s been having some hard stools too, but that may be down to the weaning test period.

We’re moving home this month too, so I’m hoping that doesn’t unsettle him too much. He knows every little corner of our apartment so I hope he explores the same in our new villa as well as loving the space to explore more and crawl around very soon!

Month 8 we’re ready x

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Love, Anisha xox


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