6 month baby update

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My Baby Boy is 6 Month’s Old!

6 months, half a year! Wow, what a milestone. I feel like we really have a good ‘routine’ now (in the loosest sense!), Baby A has really developed his personality, I know what he likes, what he doesn’t like and we’re learning new things together everyday, not to mention weaning! Food! My little breastfed milk buddy has started to eat, what’s happened to my little bundle relying on me for all his meals! Time really does fly.

Feeding & Starting to wean:

Everything I’d heard or researched said that around 6 months was the best time to start weaning. On his 6 month birthday we started just that. I’m a little cautious of baby led weaning, at least for now, so we’re going down the puree route. I bought a whole heap of stuff online (luckily my parents were over from London so I’d manage to grab a load of bargains from the UK, everything’s just SO much cheaper in the UK versus Dubai). I’d picked up feeding bibs, bowls (the sort that have a rubber grip and stick), freezing pots, a blender/steamer, cutlery and a couple more toys thrown in for fun. Mum and Dad also bought us a Mama’s and Papa’s seat to feed in. (I’ve written a post on everything I bought here an how we started weaning here)

We’re still on a 3 hour ish routine. Baby now has porridge (with breast milk) for breakfast and for an early dinner around 5pm or 6pm we cook him fresh vegetable or fruit puree. For now I’ve started off with all the recommended first stage weaning fruits and veg, i.e. carrots, sweet potato, apple, pear etc. I’ll write a full blog post on our first stage. Because 2 breastfeeding meals are now being substituted, I feel really conscious about ensuring my supply doesn’t reduce, so I’ve continued to pump as often as I can, considering I’m back at work full time too. I’m pretty darn proud that I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months now whilst being back at work after just 3 months (and from a c-section).

Recently when breastfeeding baby has become more fussy. He’s rolling around on my feeding cushion so much as he’s super alert and distracted by pretty much every sound or movement, I swear he can hear every tiny footstep in the apartment!


Month 6 of course also means vaccination time. I HATE taking him to get his jabs. To be fair, I’m probably in a worst state than he’s in! Daddy and I both went along and were pleased to hear from the paediatrician that all is perfect with baby’s health, yay! When it came to his jabs it was sad, the nurses all love him and there were a lot of smiles before a huge cry, I couldn’t bear to look. Hubby swung him around and distracted him and he was ok after just a couple of minutes. I went to feed him in a feeding room just next door to give him a bit of comfort as well as giving him some call just after to help with any pain. Touch wood no fever or illness, thank God. Dreading the next ones now, at least we’re half way through year 1!

6 month baby update

6 month baby update


So I raved about the Sleepyhead Deluxe recently, for so many benefits. Sleeping, lounging, tummy time and playing. We loved it so much I decided to buy a the Sleepyhead Grande, suitable from 8months to 3 years. Even though we bought this when Baby was 5 months, I still don’t think it was too early. That being said, in the last couple of week’s we’ve now kept the baby on the bed itself between my husband and I as there have been a few occasions when he’s tried to turn on his side and got stuck by the Sleepyhead, got annoyed and then woke up. However, during the day we still try and keep him in his Sleepyhead. It’s much more secure than laying him on the bed as we’re in between moving home and I’m waiting a few weeks before I buy him a new cot.

Motion is still a great sleep inducer, whether the baby’s in the car, being rocked or in the pram. Quite often if he’s being fussy we stroll him around the apartment in his pram and it does the trick (although sometimes it does take AGES).

We’ve been using a dummy for months now, but now 9 times out of 10 baby is searching for the dummy to put him to sleep, sometimes he falls asleep instantly when we give it to him. If he’s not sleepy, he won’t take the dummy. And most times he’ll spit the dummy out before he falls in to a really deep sleep, it’s actually pretty fascinating thinking he’s asleep and then he pops his dummy out! Cute.

As well as the dummy, we’ve introduced comforters. Plural. I absolutely didn’t want him to be addicted to a single comforter and then lose it, get sick all over it etc etc. We have about 3 on rotation currently which gives me a bit more piece of mind. We always use one now day and night and introduced it because his hands have become really fussy searching for things to grab. I don’t know why we didn’t use it earlier as he’s been doing this since probably 4 and a half months when he found his feet and kept playing with them.

Playtime and Toys:

I had to include a section on toys this month because this kid needs entertainment, a lot of entertainment! He has so many toys and colourful things I really feel like a rainbow’s burst in my front room.

As well as his playgym, mamaRoo and array of cuddly toys and teething toys, we invested in a jumperoo. And boy I’m glad we did. He absolutely LOVES it. Probably a bit too much, although then again, if we keep him in it for longer than 15 mins he starts to get tired and cranky. When he’s in our arms as we sit he tries to jump on us so the jumperoo’s definitely had an impact! No son, we’re not your jumperoo. It’s the Fisher Price Rainforest one, hugely popular and I can see why, I’ll write a full post on it shortly if you’re interested.

We also bought a couple more teddys and toys that light up, sing or play music and he really enjoys watching and playing with these.

Here are the updates so far on month 1month 2month 3month 4 and month 5.

Love, Anisha xox


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