5 Month Baby Update

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My Baby Boy is 5 Month’s Old!

Time is going WAY WAY too fast, 5 months?! Seriously! I remember pregnancy and birth all too well, recovering in hospital from my c-section and learning how to breastfeed, I’m shocked at how fast time really does pass.

Month 5 has been full of new skills and developments and I feel like Baby A’s personality has really started to shine, I know what he likes, what he doesn’t like and his habits. He’s no longer a tiny little helpless baby but a bit more of a person now with real likes and dislikes as funny as that may sound!


We’re roughly on a 3 hour sleep stretch at night, sometimes 4 but that’s extremely rare. Every 3 hours he wakes up for a feed. The first 2 he’s pretty much half asleep, so my husband and I rush around as soon as we hear him waking up to get him on my breastfeeding cushion and feeding before he has a chance to fully wake up (and then refuse to go back to sleep!). The last time he wakes up early in the morning (between 6 and 7) he doesn’t go back to sleep again and it’s daylight with far too many distractions. We now have a good routine of massage, bath and another feed with a bit of playtime (not much) before his morning nap.

Towards the end of the month we started to not use his Sleepyhead Deluxe during the night. He’s twisting and turning a lot and feels more comfortable sleeping for longer in between us as we co-sleep. That being said, he still naps in the Sleepyhead during the day and uses it for lounging and playing in his play gym, although I do feel he’s getting too tall for it now, his little feet have started to dangle off the edge, Sleepyhead Grande, I’m coming for you. (Full review of the Sleepyhead Deluxe here).


So as above, we’re roughly feeding every 2-3 hours, ish. I’m still breastfeeding and actually quite proud of myself for doing so. At night it is tough (I love my sleep and sometimes wish I could share feeding with my husband) although I know breastfeeding is still worth it and I’m determined to keep going. That’s also despite the pinching, pushing and nipple playing that baby’s now learnt. Ouch. God knows how this is going to feel when his teeth start to come through! Baby’s hearing is so sharp, if there’s any sound around him when he’s breastfeeding he’s distracted instantly. He’s always looking around and now even moving and shuffling off my feeding cushion so it’s getting harder to keep him at the breast.


As with month 4, baby is definitely teething. We often give him teething gel if we find he’s suffering badly. In between he loves sucking EVERYTHING. Literally whatever I give him to play with or whatever he reaches out for himself, goes in the mouth. Even when we’re out buying him new toys we think about what parts he would suck first and what can help with his itching gums! More recently he’s loving his Sophie the Giraffe, Nuby teething ring and cooling toys that we keep in the fridge for him (although when it’s too cold he doesn’t use it for too long). No actual teeth just yet but when we’re applying the teething gel his gums are SOLID, when he chomps down on our fingers they absolutely kill, his poor little boy.

5 month baby update

Games & Play Time:

Our baby gym is still being used daily as well as the mamaRoo. Baby is starting to get bored of these now and we’re having to entertain him ourselves a LOT. Walking round, singing, opening cupboards with show and tell, cause and effect games (like switching the lights on and off) and all sorts, this is one demanding kid! He get’s bored very easily (just like his daddy :P).

I bought him a Jumperoo! The first time I put him in he was a little confused for a couple of minutes. When he learnt how to jump he just could not stop. He absolutely LOVES the Jumperoo. Everything that can move of course goes in his mouth too! The music can get a bit annoying (!) so sometimes we turn this off as things can go pretty crazy loud.

Tummy time is still in full force, he’s rolling around both ways. I love putting him in the middle of our bed and watching him turn and play which he really enjoys. His neck and head strength has really developed a lot, he pushes himself up and wants to know everything thats going on around him.

That’s all for month 5, another great month of adventures 🙂 Next month I’m sure we’ll have lots of new experiences. We have his six month vaccinations (I’m dreading them) as well as a whole new chapter of feeding as I prepare to wean him! My shopping list is HUGE. Of course we’ll have developments with his toys and sleepyhead too, so watch this space.

Here are the updates so far on month 1, month 2, month 3 and month 4.

Love, Anisha xox


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