4 Month Baby Update

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My Baby Boy is 4 Month’s Old!

“Baby A” turned 5 months today, so there’s no better time to write our 4 month baby update! I’ve been saying it every month but each month has literally flown by. So many huge changes are happening both physically and mentally its amazing to think back and reflect.


OK, so we still aren’t sleeping through the night. Although when I go longer than a few hours without breastfeeding, my breasts are absolutely solid and so painful! So from that perspective, draining them through out the night is good! “Baby A” started off month 4 by having a 5 hour stretch, followed by a couple of 2 hour stretches at night. This changed to around an average of waking up for a feed every 3 hours. Although there was one night where he woke up roughly every 2 hours, that was TOUGH. Someone say 4 month sleep regression?! We’re trying to get him in to a routine of bath time in the evening, but we found it didnt suit our routine and the Dubai heat as he becomes quite hot during the night. Instead we’ve moved to morning bath times and massages and his next morning nap is quite usually a good 2-3 hour nap as opposed to his 1-2 hours regular nap during the day.

Towards mid month baby started to turn on his side and on his belly, everytime we put him down he turns instantly. Also when we’re rocking him we have to make sure he’s really facing inwards as he feels more comfortable that way and starts to scream when he’s facing outwards or up. OK boss. We’re also co-sleeping at night now, keeping the Sleepyhead in the middle of our bed. It works well.


So as above, we’re roughly feeding every 2-3-4 hours, ish. Primarily every 3 hours. I’m still breastfeeding, hoorah, another month gone, yay me 🙂 It is stressful having to ensure there’s milk or me being with baby 24/7, as I’m back at work and having to express when I’m home, whilst feeding him. Therefore making sure there’s enough supply is key, as well as getting any (no) free time for myself after work. It is difficult and I salute all mums in the same boat.

A new skill that “Baby A” has also learnt is grabbing the breast. Often grabbing it to hold, pinch or pushing it away, sometimes it’s super painful!


Is he teething?! I really don’t know. I heard that some babies can be an absolute terror when it comes to teething, everything goes up in the air. “Baby A” has been sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth, although that could just be a stage in itself. There are a lot of dribbles and we’ve bought lots of new dribble bibs for him. There have been nights where he just wouldn’t fall asleep in seemed in a lot of pain, it’s definetely worse at night. We’ve tried Bonjela on his gums and they feel rock hard. It does the trick though, and he usually falls asleep within a few minutes after applying the gel. We’ve also introduced lots of teething rings and coolers which we keep refridgerated, he loves them too. To be honest, his mood swings haven’t been that bad, he still has a healthy appetite and sleeping relatively well despite it feeling as though his gums are hard and there being drool everywhere. Literally in the last 2-3 days he’s learnt to push his tongue towards his bottom gums, it’s so odd to see! Will his first teeth pop out there? Let’s see.

4 Month Old Baby Update


Can babies suffer from hair loss? My LO was born with a beautiful head of hair, even the doctor said so (There’s me sounding all Mumsy). However, his hair has noticeably been shedding. When he’s shuffling around in his Sleepyhead we see hair strands on his muslin the next morning, hair on his clothes too during the day. He now has a bit of an odd hair situation going on with long patches of hair (from when he was born) to really short lengths too, probably the new hair. I’m trying my best for him to not get hair in his mouth, it’s really difficult when you find them everywhere and are going through Post Partum hair loss yourself as a mother.

He’s Found His Feet:

Towards mid month baby found his feet. He now grabs his feet pretty much allll day, I’ll give it a week and I’m sure they’ll be in his mouth!!

Games & Play Time:

We’re still loving our baby play gym (from Bright Starts) and the colours and sounds are helping explore and learn. He also loves when we count our fingers, move our hands from far away towards his face (he literally cracks up laughing at this!) and singing to him or talking from high to low. I love that he still recognises his mummy and daddy and smiles at us whenever we enter the room or come near him.

Tummy time is in full force, he’s rolling around more by himself now and it’s great to see. I usually give him more tummy time after his morning massage and before a bath. He needs help to put his palms out, but once they’re out, his strength to push up is incredible.

That’s about all I can think of for month 4! Babies head is strong when holding him but every now and then he’s a little shaky, I think we may be a little while off from sitting up alone but I’m sure it’s coming!

Month 5, we’re coming!

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Anisha xox


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