10 Month Old Baby Update

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My Baby Boy is 10 Month’s Old!

On this day my little smiler turns 11 months old and I find myself recapping on another super fast month! It’s been a jam packed month of changes and behaviours though so lets get right to it.


This month we celebrated our first ever Christmas as a family of 3! I was so excited in the run up to Christmas, my favourite holidays now have become extra special. To celebrate in style we flew back to London from Dubai and spent time at my parents and my in-laws with all our family, it’s fair to say Baby A got spoilt rotton! I’d bought him so many winter outfits, especially those cheesy Christmas baby ones! Dad was not impressed! The weather was a huge change though, so instead of wearing his shorties/rompers as he does in Dubai, we had 2 layers, a vest and a full baby grow with shoes and layers of jumpers and coats for when we went out. I don’t think he really liked the feeling of so many layers but that’s London for you Baby.

Babies first Illness:

Unfortunately just 2 days before we were due to head home Baby A got his first temperature, not too high but he was cranky and very upset. We were advised to continue giving him lots of liquids and that unfortunately temperatures were part of the parcel of being a baby. It was probably down to teething too. We continued to give lots of cuddles, warm water and hot baths. Just after that and on our first day back in Dubai he developed a nasty cough. We’ve been giving him calpol each day, as well as some natural indian herbs, including saffron in his porridge (it has warming properties). After about a week now, Baby is 100% better. He’s been so good despite coughing here and there.


No more new teeth, they’re definitely coming though. He’s not angry, generally he’s a happy, inquisitive baby. But the signs are there, the illness for one, but also pulling of the hair, a lot. We’ve even had pulling of the ears now which I’m sure are both down to teething pains. You feel so helpless! Sometimes I give him my finger to chew on to help ease the pain. I try to avoid too many medicines unless I feel he’s really suffering, then I’d apply a teething gel (I have a stack full of gels and powders as back up!). Generally he will suck on just about anything, we have a whole heap of teething toys to keep him occupied. Although these days he’s appreciating real life objects rather than toys.

The 2 bottom teeth that came out at month 9 have come out a bit more this month and very easy to spot. That gummy, cute smile now has 2 teeth to accompany it.

10 Month Old Baby

Toys are too boring, other favourites are:

He loves ripping tissues apart, we have tissues everywhere, especially at feeding time when Baby just has to have something in his hand and be entertained. He also loves cardboard boxes, ripping them apart and waving them in the air, any sort of cardboard box and he’ll pounce over to it and grab it, its so funny.

Baby spots remote controls and mobile phones from anywhere in the room, he stares at them and points to them to indicate “take me there, give me that”, which is always followed by “No”. When we went back home so many family members saw this as a way to grab his attention and call him over, bribe him with a mobile phone! He now knows how to swipe the phone, grrr. Not something I will be encouraging.

Baby also loves to pull Mum’s hair (or any woman’s hair!) and pull glasses off. With me I always turn my face and say no, he’s got a lot better with me, until another woman lets him, and then I have to start all over again!

We’re continuing to co-sleep. Baby still wakes about 3-4 times for the breast, I’m not sure weather it’s for comfort or for a feed or just habit but we’re still waking up (Zzzz). Bed time is definitely around 8.30, and has been for a couple of months at least now which gives us all a bit of structure and routine. We start dimming the lights, closing doors and making baby A aware of what’s coming up, he’s learning that this means bed time and even helps to close doors!


Month 10 saw the continuation of month 9 “Oooooh”s, but this time, a LOT more, basically all day we hear “oooooooh”, “oooooooh”. Every new thing he spots, wants, even hears, is met with an oooooh. It’s quite funny, when he hears his food steamer finish and beep, he ooo’s and points at it, or in it’s direction, basically saying “give me food, my foods ready!”. If a phone rings, again – oooooh! No matter how busy he is, he has the sharpest hearing. We also have other words coming out now, words like “dada dad” “dad” “dadadadadadada” “mum” ‘mama” “mumum” (food), “nainai” (bath) and more recently, “wow”. The grunting he learnt has kind of stopped more recently. But his party trick when we were back home was definitely the coughing. If anyone coughed he would instantly copy and cough. It got quite funny with everyone laughing with him.

Other Skills:

Back to toys, we have slowly learnt how to stack toys. He has a particular basic stackable owl with rings that he has learnt how to stack, and now we’re slowly teaching him the big stack with mini buckets. So far he just knocks them down or plays with each one.

Baby has also learnt how to stand up! He leans on whatever’s near him, mainly the sofa, or his big play box, or me and dad, and uses us to help him balance and stand up. If he’s on the sofa with his back against it, he’ll even let go and lean on the sofa, I’m sure he’ll be walking soon!

He has also learnt the skill of inside out. He will put things inside a bag, very slowly (the clear zip lock bags) and then take them out. Even with his new favourite cardboard boxes (omg..) he will put things in and drop them out. I never realised how big a skill this really is, he’s fascinated by it!

Baby is also passing us things now. We sit with him on the play mat or sofa and he will happily give us a toy and then wait for us to give it back to him, all quite calmly.

Seperation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety kicked in when we went home to London. I don’t know if this is because we were in a new environment, but everytime there were too many new faces, Baby just would not go to ANYONE but me. This is where the bribing with phones, remotes and even “pull my hair” came in to get him to go to others, he took the bait but was not having it. This made it really very exhausting for me, but also really upsetting to see when he would be upset with pretty much everyone who tried their best to console and comfort him. I’ve read that this can take place from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years! In hindsight, I don’t think this was too bad, given that it only kicked in around a LOT of new people at the same time.

Food & Breastfeeding:

We are still on 3 meals a day and still breastfeeding. Breakfast includes cereal with breastmilk. We’ve now introduced Weetabix which he loves, and have even tried mashing up cornflakes and rice krispies too. We mix up between weetabix and his 10 month old baby cereal now which is Muesli with banana and cinnamon. He loves breakfast time and is the calmest versus lunch and dinner! Lunch consists of steamed and blended fruit or veg, similarly to dinner. We’ve also mixed up meals with baby pasta and rice and lentils. There was a period where he went off fruit, but we’re back on the fruit game now! Finger foods also go down well, despite how messy it gets. Although I’m still mega cautious on the size of what he’s eating.

At night before bed I will breastfeed him to go to sleep.


We’re still co-sleeping. When we flew to London, the timings didn’t change instantly too much, although of course there was a change in his day routine and way too many distractions to want to sleep. Sometimes we would all try and just be exhausted by the end of it! The kid just does not want to sleep when there’s too many other things to learn and be distracted by.

Now that we’re back in Dubai, Baby for the last week has been off on timings. He sleeps too late during late afternoon to want to have his proper night sleep on time. We’ll get there, I hope.

During the night he wakes up on average about 3 times to feed. There was one night he woke up 8 times, I felt absolutely exhausted and remembered those newborn days again, zzzz.

That’s about it for month 10! I did say there was a lot happening! I’m so excited for month 11. I love how we’re now communicating with each other through actions and short words and hope to see this develop even more soon 🙂

Love, Anisha xox


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